Commercial Leasing


What is Commercial Leasing?

We offer leasing packages to business's as a way of protecting your capital, and getting the equipment you want or need today!  From a small office gym, to a full PT studio setup, we can get your business going with flexible rental options!

How Does It Work?

5 simple steps.

  1. Choose equipment.
  2. Apply for funding.
  3. 12 month conrtract.
  4. Get your equipment.
  5. Pay weekly rent.

What Happens After 12 Months?

You have plenty of options.

  • Purchase your equipment (at a huge discount)
  • Return your equipment
  • Continue renting
  • Start again with new equipment!

What Are The Benefits

  • We assess your application on your potential, not your past so it doesn’t matter if your business is new and hasn’t built up a trading history yet
  • Pre-approval with no need to provide financials if your credit check meets our lending criteria
  • Saves your cash flow so you keep your money for the important stuff where you really need it
  • If you choose to purchase the asset within 12 months, claim a 75% net rental rebate off the purchase price
  • Build equity in the equipment (and your business!) as you go and purchase the equipment at a time that's suitable for you at a heavily reduced rate
  • Flexibility to rent equipment for 12 months and give the asset back if it’s not right for your business with no obligation
  • Affordable weekly payments, making it easy to budget for
  • Tax benefits – 100% full tax deductibility* with each payment
  • Payments are an operating expense not a liability on your P & L sheet, so it doesn’t affect your ability to borrow money in the future
  • If you’re a new business, use GoGetta finance to check proof of concept for your business, and have the flexibility to make any tweaks and adjustments along the way

Have more questions?

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