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The Fitness Solution

At The Fitness Solution, our mission is to empower individuals to lead healthier and more active lives by providing a comprehensive range of fitness solutions that inspire, educate, and transform. We are dedicated to being a trusted source of high-quality fitness products, expert guidance, and exceptional customer service, ensuring that our customers have access to the tools and support they need to achieve their fitness goals. By upholding the highest ethical standards, we ensure that our customers receive genuine old fashioned service & the best prices!

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With The Experts In Pilates

Our Pilates reformers are a versatile and highly effective piece of equipment that enhances your Pilates practice by providing resistance and support for a wide range of exercises. Designed to facilitate precise movements, our Pilates reformers offers adjustable settings and features that cater to different body types, fitness levels, and goals. With a smooth gliding carriage, the best Pilates reformer allows for controlled and fluid movements, promoting core strength, flexibility, and overall body toning. Its sturdy frame and high-quality materials ensure stability and durability, enabling you to perform a variety of exercises with confidence and safety.

Why People Love Working With Us


I've been practicing Pilates for years, but incorporating the reformer into my routine has taken my workouts to a whole new level. The reformer provides resistance that challenges my muscles in ways I couldn't achieve with mat exercises alone. It has significantly improved my core strength, flexibility, and posture.


As a fitness enthusiast, I was looking for a low-impact workout that could help me build strength without putting strain on my joints. Enter the Pilates reformer! This incredible machine has transformed my fitness journey. With its adjustable resistance levels, I can customize my workouts to match my fitness level and continually challenge myself.


Spin biking has become my go-to workout for cardio and endurance. The intense and energizing sessions on the spin bike have helped me burn calories, improve my cardiovascular fitness, and boost my overall stamina. I love the high-energy atmosphere in spin classes, and the motivating instructors push me to reach my limits.


Spin biking has been a game-changer for my weight loss journey. The high-intensity nature of spin classes combined with the calorie-burning benefits of cardiovascular exercise has helped me shed pounds and achieve my weight loss goals. The dynamic and varied workouts on spin bikes challenge my body and keep me engaged.


Training with boxing bags has taken my boxing skills to the next level. The bags provide a realistic target for practicing punches, footwork, and combinations. They help me improve my accuracy, speed, and power. The impact of each strike on the bag allows me to develop proper technique and build strength in my arms, shoulders, and core. Not to mention, hitting the bag is an incredible stress-reliever.


Boxing bags have helped me channel my energy and frustrations in a positive way. When I step up to the bag, it's like all my worries disappear. The repetitive impact on the bag allows me to release stress, anger, and tension. It's a cathartic experience that leaves me feeling refreshed and centered.


The Fitness Solution

The aim of The Fitness Solution is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on which equipment will best help you realise your goals. Providing high class equipment at affordable prices. We offer a personalised delivery and installation service and strive to make the whole purchasing experience easy & enjoyable!